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September 17, 2012

Gas Buddy - Your Buddy for Finding the Lowest Gas Price

With summer here many of us are taking trips with our cars. If you are looking for the lowest gas price while on your travels or even locally you may want to think of having the GasBuddy app on your smartphone. GasBuddy is a great app to help you find the lowest price in your area.  If you do not have a smartphone you can go to and search before you hit the road. The prices are for areas in the US and Canada and the various grades of gas. Prices are obtained from members and you can see when the price was entered as well.  By removing the price data after 72 hours for each station, you are assured the prices are current.  The site is free, has about 5 million users and is advertising supported.

Gas prices can widely vary in an immediate area.  I have used it on my trips and found it to be useful in finding the lowest prices wherever I was. When we were in Maine last summer, prices in a small area varied as much as $0.20 per gallon. The app also gives directions to get to that gas station as well.  Just make sure that a passenger is doing the search for you or you have pulled over to the side of the road if you are doing the search yourself.

So give the site a try and/or add it as an app to your smartphone and start saving. You may decide that you too wish to become a contributing member and help yourself and others find the lowest priced gas in your area.

If you have further questions or wish to know of other apps that may be useful to you, please call me at 917.572.3468.