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June 24, 2011

Why I Am Not Following You On Twitter

Twitter is a very prominent social networking and microblogging service. Those using Twitter have people they follow and people who follow them.

There are those people who I will follow when I see that they are following me. There are those I will tend not to follow. The reasons I do not follow someone are entirely not personal.  The person could be a very good person. These reasons are not absolute as I have made exceptions. Some reasons for not following someone are:
  1. They have less then 10 tweets. I like to get a feel for what the person is like before following. With few or none tweets of their own, I am unable to grasp what they are about. Do their tweets align with their profile? 
  2. Someone not having a profile or the profile does not tell me about them. Who are you? What are you about? I would like to know about you if I am to follow you.
  3. A person seems to be tweeting on an almost ongoing basis. There are those who it seems are constantly on Twitter tweeting what appears 200 times daily or so. Twitter is about conversation and in a conversation there is an exchange of ideas.
  4. Tweets consistently showing the same link. The person is spamming on Twitter. 
  5. Their interests do not match what I am interested in. Let's say a person constantly tweets about Newton's 3 Laws of Motion. This is a subject that would make me not inclined to follow. That said, I did once make an exception for a follower who I had no intent of following. They did however list me and mentioned me on a Tweet.  I must admit they charmed me into following them and I am glad to follow as whoever tweets for this Twitter handle is a really nice person.
  6. Their tweets are all about them and trying to plug their product and/or themselves. Similar to #4.  
  7. "Tips on making money" is in their bio. Again it is about them. We all want to make money but at least be subtle about it. 
  8. Someone who follows many people and hardly anyone follows them. A lot of times this ties in to having few or no tweets.  
  9. They do not have a link to their website or blog in their profile or just as bad the website link in their profile does not work.  
  10. They seem to argue rather than discuss. Twitter is about an exchange of ideas and not I am right and you are wrong. Further 2 people can have different approaches to an issue and both be right.  
While there are other reasons, these are the main ones.  For those not having many tweets and/or no profile, I want to know more about you before I follow.