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August 11, 2011

Online Petitions

While people still go door to door or are in crowded places trying to get signatures on a petition for a cause, there is another way to get signatures on a petition. Online petitions are now a thing. Site like Ipetitions and Petitiononline are changing how petitions are done. There are pros and cons to an online petition. It is good that anyone with internet access can create a petition online. This also can lead to petitions for frivolous causes. Another issue  are people using false names that could make a petition invalid.  People using false names is also an issue for non online petitions as well. I would also guess that some petitions you see people trying to get signatures for in crowded places some consider frivolous as well.

You can create a petition for your cause. You also can sign a petition for or against a cause. One thing to keep in mind is that unless you wish to make yourself anonymous, your name may come up as signing the petition in question.

So go ahead while at home sign your name to a cause at 3 in the morning if you desire.