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January 6, 2012

You Probably are Overpaying to Keep Your Computer Secure

Some of you over the holidays received computers as gifts. If you received a PC as opposed to a MAC you probably got a trial version of a program to secure your computer against viruses, spyware, etc.  Once this trial period is up (usually after 30 days), you need to pay to renew this program. The cost of this can be as much as $80 per year. 

If your computer is for personal use or you use it for a very small business, you do not need to pay for internet security. There is free security software that you can use instead. Some of it is good.  Some not as good.  Assuming that you keep your computer for 5 years, you are paying $400 to protect it that you can avoid spending.  Save $$$.  I use security software from a highly respected company. It is legal and not a pirated copy. Computer Concierge NY LLC can install this on your computer too. Given an $80 per year charge for security software once the trial period ends, my cost to you to install it will pay for itself in less then a year. If you expect to keep your computer 5 years, our cost to install will pay for itself several times over the life of your computer. Did I mention, the software is absolutely free?

Have a new computer and unsure how to set it up? There is more to setting up a computer than taking it out of the box and following the online instructions. Our costs for a basic computer set up can save you as much as $300 over the life of your computer assuming you are keeping it for 5 years. The set up includes the same free security software used on my computer. The $300 savings more than doubles the costs to set up your computer.

One other thing. A major consumer electronics retailer that sells and services computers will not tell you of this free software. If they install your computer, their costs to you will be higher than what we charge. They will not install this free software for you. They will likely try to sell you what you do not need. They have done it to friends and customers of mine. They tried to do it to me.

I can be reached at 917.572.3468 and I look forward to saving you money.