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January 18, 2013

Should Your Next Computer Be A Mac Or PC?

I was talking with a client the other day who is in the market for a new computer.  He currently has an older computer, is a PC owner and is thinking about buying a Mac this time around.  Wondering whether to go the Mac route or buy a PC again.  It is a question I get on an ongoing basis.

There are advantages to both.  Approximately 12% of computers in use today are Macs and PCs (Microsoft Operating System) account for 85% and 3% are other. A big factor is cost.  If you buy a Mac expect to pay a premium for it.  This is because Microsoft licenses its operating system to Dell, HP, Lenovo among others so there is competition.  If you wish to buy a Mac, Apple is the only manufacturer. 

You also have more varieties to choose from when you are choosing a PC as the same companies Microsoft licenses its operating system to build their own models.

Macs are not as prone to viruses and other forms of malware.  Note that I did not say you cannot get a virus on a Mac. Those who program viruses are less likely to make them to affect a Mac due to their market share.  When they asked Willie Sutton why he robbed banks he responded, "Because that's where the money is."  Why go after 12% of the market when you can go after 85%? In April 2012 Kaspersky noted that Mac’s platform was a decade behind Microsoft’s when it came to computer security. Link for article.  Again the lower market share is why Macs are not as prone to viruses.

Apple is known for their exceptional customer service.  Their Genius Bar provides free technical support in person. Apple also offers free training as well again in person.  I also suggest if you are buying a Mac you purchase an Apple Care plan.  It is an extended warranty plan for both your computer and questions you have related to using it. The costs to repair a Mac are higher than repairing a PC.

The gap has greatly lessened for these two factors but the availability of software programs for PCs is greater than for Macs.  On the other side, Macs are easier to use as well as quicker to start up and shut down.  That said, Windows has greatly narrowed the gap here and will be coming out with their new operating system Windows8 in October.  Apple last updated their operating system in late July of this year.

In determining whether a Mac or PC is for you these are some of the factors to consider. Every situation is different so I cannot give a one size fits all answer. If you have additional questions about whether a Mac or PC would work better for you, I can be reached at (917) 572-3468 or email me at 

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