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March 14, 2013

Advantages of Microsoft Surface Over Apple’s iPad

Mike Klubok, Computer Concierge NY LLC, in Queens NY, Microsoft Surface,Forest Hills, surface, microsofft
Mike Klubok the Owner of Computer Concierge NY LLC trying a Microsoft Surface in Queens NY

Many of you have seen the advertisements for the Microsoft Surface that was recently released. Microsoft has a bit riding on it. This tablet has quite a few advantages over the acclaimed iPad. Note that when comparing the two I am talking about the current basic versions that are both priced at $499.

A big advantage of Surface is that you can use an external Micro SDXC card.  You can purchase a 32 GB one made by Sandisk from Amazon for about $35 based upon my recent checking. There is also a connection for attaching a USB drive as well.  I recently purchased a 16 GB USB drive at Staples for under $10.  For the iPad you need to purchase an adapter that costs at least $19.  There is one for an SD card but when looking at the Apple website I did not see one for an SDXC card.  Because of this, it is easier to upload pictures to it.  I personally have a memory card reader that connects to my computer using the USB drive that I purchased for under $10. I take it with me when I go on vacation to upload pictures that I take to my computer and I could use it to upload to a Surface as well.

I would be more willing to let others share my iPad but they would then have full access to my email, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts, etc.  Microsoft’s Surface allows me to set up separate User Accounts just like my computer does. I could then give someone else access to a Guest account without them having the full access to my personal accounts. forest hills computer repair, forest hills, north shore towers

Microsoft Office 2013 comes with Surface.  This is because of 2 reasons them being 1) Microsoft owns both Surface and Office and 2) Surface with the optional keyboard cover is intended to for creating and consuming data. The iPad is more for consuming data.  That said you can purchase a wireless keyboard for an iPad but it is not a cover as well. The iPad does not come with a spreadsheet, word, presentation or office suite program. north shore towers, forest hills computer, great neck computer, 

Surface comes with a built in kickstand which allows you to view the screen in an upright position. With an iPad you need to stand it up against an object or purchase a cover that has a stand.

If you want to print, Surface is a whole lot easier to do from then from an iPad. It is easy to make a connection that is seamless. Printing from an iPad is a lot more difficult.  forest hills

One final note here.  The basic version of Surface comes with 32 GB storage and the iPad comes with 16 GB. This is deceiving because of the 32 GB, the system software uses ½ of that leaving 16 GB free. The net free storage on an iPad is 14-15 GB. While Surface has an advantage it is not significant.

My next article will list the advantages of the iPad over Microsoft Surface.  Then it is your call if you are deciding which of the two to buy.

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