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May 8, 2013

Do You Know Google Search Is More Than A Search Engine?

Most everyone knows the benefits of searching for things on the internet using Google as a search engine. What many do not realize is that Google's search engine is more than just that.

If you need an answer and cannot find a calculator Google does basic calculator functions.  This includes your basic (+, -, *, /) as well as percentages and raising a number to a power.  You can even do an equation such as the one in the example below.

Google Search, Google,

Need to convert currency?  Enter the amount you wish to convert from to the currency you wish to convert to.  If needed, you do not even need to take into account US$.  Say you are going to Canada and need to convert to Canadian Dollars from US$.  Type "Convert" then the amount you wish to convert from to the currency you wish to convert to as shown.

And as long as we are discussing a financial application of Google search, if you wish to find the stock price of your favorite stocks you can do that as well. By typing “stocks: ?” where “?” represents the name of the listed company or its code on the exchange you can obtain an up to the minute stock price of the stock you are interested in.

If you wish to convert from quarts to gallons, going from English measurements to Metric such as miles to kilometers you can do that as well.  Also a great use when converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius when you are away and need to know the temperature in a measurement you are familiar with.

If you type in the following from the Google search bar; “Movie:11361” this will bring up Movie times and locations for the area of zip code 11361 for the current day.  On the left side you have the ability to change days for up to 3 days ahead. So if you are wondering what movie you and your friend or significant other wish to see Google is a great source for that as well.  Further type “Movie: The Amazing Spider-Man 11361” to see where The Amazing Spider-Man is playing in the vicinity of zip code 11361.

More and more of us are ordering merchandise online. Many vendors when they ship the goods to you will email you with a tracking number of your shipment. You can track the shipment using Google. In the search bar enter the package tracking number.  Google determines which carrier has the package and provides you with a link to the carrier status page for the shipment you are expecting where you can see where it is.  I have used this to track letters that I sent requesting a return receipt as well. 

As I mentioned earlier quite a few of us have Google set as our homepage. If you do, these queries can be done right from there. I am not suggesting that you set your homepage to Google.  That is a personal choice.

These are just a few ways that you can use Google search for more than the typical internet search.  If you have additional questions about storing information on the internet, I can be reached at (917) 572-3468 or email me at

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