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May 29, 2013

The Benefits of Having A Digital Calendar

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A digital calendar has many advantages over a paper calendar.
If you still use a paper calendar instead of a digital calendar you are missing out.  There are quite a few ways that having a digital calendar especially in today’s world where more and more people have smartphones is better than a paper calendar.

For me perhaps the biggest one is being able to share my calendar with my wife and vice-versa. She can see my schedule at a glance and I can see hers. If I need to schedule something I can look at my wife’s calendar to see if there is a conflict. I don’t have to tell someone that I need to check if my wife planned something since I can already see her schedule.  I also allow my son who lives with us to see whether or not I have an appointment without him seeing the details of it.

I also can refer to past events quickly wherever I am. Most people do not keep paper calendars for years unless they have to for business reasons and/or tax purposes. They may have to search to remember where they put their paper calendar. Further if a paper calendar is lost then what?  I may miss a scheduled appointment or have to call and reconfirm an appointment that I wasn’t sure of. With a digital calendar I can go to a computer, smartphone, etc. With a digital calendar you can go back years unless you erase an event after it occurs. I do not recommend that you do this and I do not erase events after they occur. A digital calendar hardly takes up space on a smartphone, iPad, etc. and you can access it offline as well. This is great for when travelling.  If I am in a foreign country, I do not have to worry about incurring roaming charges for accessing it. I also do not have to worry about being somewhere without internet access. While I do not have events that go back that far, my Google Calendar allows me to go back to 1980 to see dates on my digital calendar. A paper calendar does not give me anywhere near this flexibility.

If I have an event that occurs the same time on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis I only need to enter it once and provide the recurring information. It is automatically added for the recurring dates. If I need to reschedule or cancel a date, I can do it for just that date. The recurring pattern is maintained for the other dates. Talk about a timesaver.  Further if I need to change of cancel an appointment on a paper calendar a pencil can erase it but what if you only have a pen? Cross it out and if changed reenter it. It can get sloppy either way.  With a digital calendar you can delete or move it as needed. You also have a limited amount of space to write information on a paper calendar.  On my Google Calendar I have never gotten to the limit but I know there is a much higher limit.  I can add website links if need be. I also can attach a file that I need the same way I can attach a file to an email message.

With a digital calendar, I can change my view whenever I need to.  My default is daily but I can instantly change to a weekly, monthly or custom view. If I have a “week at a glance” or “month at a glance” calendar I am stuck with that view. 

Now this is not a generational thing.  My sons who are 19 & 21 both use a paper calendar. My wife and I use our digital calendar which is Google Calendar.

Yes there are advantages to using a paper calendar. Should there be a syncing problem between devices you could forget an appointment or if there is a power failure you could have issues accessing it but the advantages of a digital calendar greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

So do you use a paper calendar or a digital calendar?  If you currently use a paper calendar will you at least consider trying a digital calendar such as Google Calendar?

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