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May 29, 2013

How Seniors Benefit From Computers

Mike Klubok the Owner of Computer Concierge NY LLC has trained seniors as old as 95 to better use their computer.

The other day I spoke with a high level person in a non-profit organization that has a large senior membership about doing a technology related presentation to members of his organization. The person responded that as many of his members are in their 80s they would not find it useful. After mentioning a few items like how computers can help with health care for seniors, the social aspect, and being an enabler of life learning he suddenly became interested.

Keep in mind that when I talk about computers I am including smartphones and tablets like the iPad , Kindle Fire and others as they are computers.

I have worked with people as old as 95; Helping them to use their computer to keep in touch with friends and family, discover old friends, track their investments, and better use the features of Google search. These are some of the benefits of seniors using computers. Those I have worked with were very motivated to improve their computer skills and with good reason.

Connected seniors are more likely to be happier and healthier than their counterparts who do not use the internet. Evidence has shown that those seniors who are connected are less likely to suffer from depression. In an era where more of us live further from family and friends than ever before the internet has helped to stay connected.  I helped a woman in her 80s set up a Facebook account a while back to keep in touch with her grandchildren and see pictures of them and their travels in life. She also wanted to connect with friends she lost touch with from her childhood in Germany. I don’t know how much luck she had connecting with her lost friends but I know she was thrilled to see pictures of her grandson’s travels in Spain on Facebook that she likely would not have seen otherwise. I worked with another woman who received what she thought was a picture of her great-grandchild living in England who she had never seen and was unable to open it. When I arrived to address the problem she had opening up the file I realized it was not a picture but rather a video. Her tears of joy in seeing the video of her great-grandchild crawling was something special.  When I left she gave me a big hug and thanked me for helping her to see the video. Skype is also a great connector of friends and family that live miles and miles away.  Many years ago the phone company said that long distance was the next best thing to being there. Maybe then it was but now it has to be Skype.

The internet gives seniors better access to health care.  Communicating by email is a method used by more and more doctors. If you want to monitor what you are eating there are sites such as FitDay that allow you to do so. You also can do research.  Want to know more about a drug you are taking? Go to  Sites like WebMD and are just two sites that have an abundance of medical information. Both of them also have a symptom checker where you can find possible causes of your symptoms.
Studies have shown that truly lifelong learners have a better quality of life.  The internet provides the ability to quickly get information about world events, politics, sports, etc.  Wikipedia is one factor in why very few people these days have books of encyclopedias at home anymore.
The last item I will mention is that the internet fosters independence for seniors.  Seniors are now less likely to need someone to take them shopping. I have shown seniors how to shop using Amazon.  Their orders get delivered to their door.  Groceries can be ordered from sites such as FreshDirect.

So if you think you are too old to use a computer think again.  Ask some of the seniors I have worked with how using a computer has added to their lives and don’t be surprised if you see a 90something person in the park Skyping with their friend or grandchild.

Whether you are a senior or advancing towards one day being chronologically gifted I am available to help you better use your technology.  I can be contacted at (917) 572-3468 or email me at .
Feel free to join the conversation and post comments and questions on my Facebook page at Computer Concierge NY LLC  . There also are tips there to better use your computer, smartphoneiPad and other technology you may have or are thinking of buying.

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